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Here at Oddpods, we've been in pursuit of perfect pulses for years. Our founders gained their knowledge buying and trading some of the oddest pods on the market, bringing them to kitchens all over the country.

It's this knowledge, combined with a love of wholesome, home cooked meals, which inspired them to launch Odd Pods. A range of no nonsense, ethically sourced pulses, ready to eat and packed with plant-based protein. Odd Pods are the tastiest pulses on the planet.


We travel all over the world searching for pulses which are sustainable, as well as wholesome. Take our Gungo Split Peas. The friendly farmers who grow these are subsistence farmers, which means they grow what they can feed to their families.

At the end of each harvest, they sell whatever small amount is leftover for medicines and schoolbooks. To do this they must walk miles in scorching heat to the nearest market town, or pay expensive bus fare. We work closely with companies to help build local buying centres meaning farmers never need to travel such large distances again.

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