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About Us

About Oddpods

Our Mission at Oddpods is to help people reduce the amount of meat that they eat. We have selected some wonderful Pulses, that are high in protein and fibre as well as being delicious!

At Oddpods we like to do things the right way and we source our pulses carefully and ensure farmers are well treated. Some the pulses we source are from small-holder farmers in Africa and we work to ensure they receive fair pricing. We work with programmes that carry out farming educational courses to help these small farmers increase their yields.

We also manufacture all our products here in the UK using state of the art facilities. Our pouches contain no Additives or Artificial Preservatives. We also cook them to the point of “podfection” so that our Pulses retain as many nutrients as possible – far more than canned pulses! They also retain their flavour and texture too…

So by choosing Oddpods you don’t need to sacrifice quality for convenience – you can get the best of both!

Pulses Fun Facts

  • Pulses have been consumed by people for over 10,000 years
  • Pulses are extremely good for you and contain high levels of Protein, Fibre and certain minerals (like Iron)
  • Pulses are also great for the environment. While they are being grown they add nitrogen back into the soil for the next crop – reducing the need for artificial fertilisers. So Pulses enrich soils rather than deplete them.
  • It takes just 43 gallons of water to produce one pound of pulses, compared with 216 for soybeans and 1,799 for beef.
  • Pulses are the key ingredient in many regional and national dishes such as Baked Beans, Chilli, Falafel and Dal.